Since its invention in 1985, Tetris puzzle game has gone through zillions of remakes, ports to various platforms (even cell phones in the last years), design changes and even changes of the game itself. The "Classic" Tetris with seven classic bricks, still keeps its popularity, but we've seen and played several successive versions with the changed shapes, or different initial states or other rules. None of them can repeat the success of the original, but they CAN be really funny. And if some of them are funny, how funny can be an ultimate pack of the most playable versions of Tetris and its successors? - Just try it, just try Multis. Multis provides a selected set of Tetris-like gameplays in the same pretty cover, with changeable skins, flat or 3D look and modern graphics. Almost all the initial game's features can vary there: you can select a set of shapes to throw (from 2-3 to six cells, including the random shapes mode). The game can add elements of arcade, giving you some "special" shapes like bombs and prizes, and so on. You can also select the starting conditions: either the traditional empty stock, or a stock with "garbage" in it, or pre-created pattern (picture of cells you should vanish entirely for moving to next level). And of course, you can choose your complexity level. Alongside with the music, graphics and effects, it makes Multis a great Tetris pack.

The Essence Of Tetris, review by journalists.


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Тетрис - легендарная игра, разработанная в бывшем СССР. Первоначально созданная для IBM совместимых ЭВМ, в настоящее время она распространена практически на всех компьютерных платформах, включая карманные системы, встраивается в телевизоры и сотовые телефоны, и выпускается в виде отдельных устройств. На рубеже тысячелетий данная игра призвана подвести итог Тетрису и его лучшим клонам.


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